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Janice Richardson, Artist
Artists painting

Splinters~N~ Rust was born out of a desire for a creative outlet while being a stay-at-home mom to two small children. With a love for all things vintage, reclaimed and recycled this small business was launched.  Some of our materials are recycled and sourced in and around Hutchinson, Kansas.


The DIY Workshop was a dream for many years.  It serves as a studio space for artists but also a public makerspace.  The space it open to other area artist to teach classes.  

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Janice Richardson, a resident of Hutchinson, Kansas is originally from the Carolinas. She pursued a passion for art after growing up watching her mother find joy in drawing and painting. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art at Greensboro College, in Greensboro, NC, she worked for many years in commercial real estate. Painting and upcycling materials was always a hobby.
After relocating with her husband to Hutchinson, Kansas and becoming a stay-at-home mom, Janice started Splinters~N~Rust.  Over the past 8 years the business has expanded to teaching Pinterest inspired classes to the public.


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